Suzuki Jimny 98-18 Auxiliary Battery Tray Installation Guide

Details Of Modifications For The Jimny
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Suzuki Jimny 98-18 Auxiliary Battery Tray Installation Guide

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Hi all,
First post for me, I created this guide a few months ago and have been asked to transfer it over to this forum. Hope it helps. :D

This installation guide is primarily for fitting the NON-ABS auxiliary battery tray, this can be
sourced from Jimnybits or other reputable sellers. This guide does not cover the ABS battery
tray installation although steps / parts may be similar.


Information Correct as of 06/01/20
Created by Siddo, Images Resourced from Jimnybits.
You are responsible for any work undertaken on your / the owners vehicle, this is only a guide from my experience.

The provided kit comes complete with a few separate parts of which are labelled
alphabetically where possible throughout the guide. They are denoted by Orange in the text.
A : NON-ABS Battery Tray
B : Coolant Reservoir Platform
C : Battery Ratchet Strap
D : Battery Tray Fixing Bolts ( Not shown above, reused from vehicle )
E : Battery Tray Fixing Cross Head Bolt ( Not shown above, provided with kit )
F : Vehicle Washer Reservoir Bolts ( Not shown above, provided with kit )
H : Coolant Reservoir Tie Wrap / Cable Ties ( Not shown above, provided with kit )


Step 1:

Take a photo or make notes of the placement of the engine bay before altering any locations
of the equipment, I found it wise to remember the electrical connections marked in red for
the washer bottle.

Step 2:


i) Loosen the 10mm bolts (D) holding the washer reservoir to the wing, if required spray
some penetrating fluid before hand. There are two bolts one either side of the bottle, the
visible bolt is indicated in red in this image.

ii) Disconnect the electrical connections for the washer reservoir, feel free to disconnect the
battery before doing so if you wish. Indicated in green in this image

iii) Feel free to clean the area before fitting the new tray. You may want to carefully cut the
tape restricting the reservoir cables to ensure you have enough ‘play’ when refitting.


Step 3:


i) Fit the tray (A) in place ensuring it fits with ease, reuse the bolts (D) removed from the
washer reservoir, shown in red, to fix the tray at the two points shown using the existing
holes to mount too.

ii) Use (E) the cross head bolt provided to screw into the existing coolant reservoir bracket.
A tapped hole is present although it takes a bit of lining up. You can also clean and grease
the hole at this point if you wish.

Step 4:

i) Using bolts (F) shown in green, mount the washer reservoir to the side of the new tray,
using a 10mm socket & spanner to tighten. Be careful not to torque too high as the washer
reservoir is only plastic.

Step 5:


i) Mount the coolant reservoir platform (B) to the new tray (A) using the provided
kit tie wraps / cable ties (H).


ii) Rest the coolant reservoir into place and tighten the wraps, cut off any excess.

Ensure all the components are in place and tight, you have completed this installation
and may now fit your battery / equipment.
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